I’m Megan,

Welcome to Perfection Not Guaranteed. A place where recipes don’t always turn out like the picture, the laundry isn’t always done, and dinner may come from the microwave more often than it should. I’m working the “Mom Life” and still getting my footing (but who isn’t when it comes to being a Mom?).

I became a SAHM after my son was born in January 2017. He is my world, my sunshine, my little guy. But adjusting to becoming a mom, leaving a stable job, and dealing with sleep deprivation can make you feel isolated. It can make you feel like a stranger to yourself. All the sudden changes, how beautiful they are, can make you feel like you’ve got to rediscover your identity and find a new balance with, well, everything.

So get ready! I’m not going to promise pinterest worthy photos every time I hit “publish”. My posts may not always be properly edited. Recipes may sometimes look like crap thrown on a paper plate. What I can do is be honest, real, and imperfect; That’s something I think every mom needs in her life.