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NYC Food Roundup – Good and average

A few weeks ago, I celebrated my 30th birthday in NYC with my husband and toddler. Not only did we walk so many miles each day, but we also stopped for tons of sweets and treats along the way. Some were underwhelming and other were great… here’s the roundup.

Levain Bakery: These cookies are ah-maz-ing!!! Each cookie is hand weighed and baked to perfection. We usually pick these up on our way out of the city, and didn’t deviate from doing so this trip either. I bought the chocolate peanut butter, and chocolate chip walnut… both of which were just as delicious as I remember. I also bought a box to bring to my Dad’s house as a thank you for watching our dog while we were away. They actually looked into ordering them for delivery after loving them just as much as we do. 20190629_1031153553355854123477080.jpg

Baked By Melissa: These tiny cupcakes are good. We used to buy two packs every time we visited the city. They used to be $20 for a pack of 25 and  this time they were $30 for the same 25 pack… and these cupcakes are teeny tiny, one-bite treats. The price increase was super disappointing and unfortunately this visit our cupcakes were kinda wonky:( However, they have been fabulous in the past and I would recommend them, if you’re looking to drop $30 on the equivalent of maaaaaaybe two full size cupcakes. They are tasty, just way too pricy.

Magnolia Bakery: Good cupcakes, but I would skip the pudding next time. My friends raved about the banana pudding, so of course I had to scoop some up during our stay. We ordered a medium and I kid you not, 80% of the container was sliced bananas and Nilla wafers. Had it been balanced more, then it would probably be great. The little bit of actual pudding we received was really good!20190628_2038065383503894869925720.jpg

Chopt’ Salad: I was super impressed with the quality of this salad. You order based on a menu or “build your own”, then move down the line choosing your ingredients in the same fashion as you would at a Chipotle or Subway. Possibly the best salad i’ve ever had! The falafel with tzatziki was amazing. They chop it super finely and then mix everything, including the dressing all together to create one delicious masterpiece. 20190627_2017095011078195541401290.jpg

PJ Clarks: A famous restaurant for which I would highly recommend a reservation. This is a tight fit, so we left the stroller in our hotel room because it definitely wouldn’t have fit. We ordered and then received our food super fast, what felt like just minutes later. Overall, good and wonderfully large portion sizes. My fries were cold though, which sucked, but I just picked off my husbands plate and gave my toddler the already cooled ones:) My fried fish was awesome, and probably the largest fish portion i’ve ever received when ordering Fish & Chips.


Coco Fresh: If there was a location close to where I live, Kung Fu Tea would definitely have some competition. I stopped in twice and ordered the same thing both times; Passionfruit  black tea with boba. I’m a huge bubble tea fan, and would 100% drink it daily if I lived close enough to do so… Thankfully, i’m not close enough to any bubble tea place to do so. This was so refreshing during our hot walks through the city. 20190628_1402075196236268334086985.jpg

Angelo’s Pizza: My husband HAD to have this coal fired pizza. He came across it months ago and wouldn’t stop talking about one day getting to try it. It was around $26 for a plain cheese, and wasn’t the best we’d ever had… but also not the worst. The cheese was fresh and they had a great tender crust. It was the perfect compliment to our Chopt’ salad too:)20190627_2017143105487997506043676.jpg

That’s the round up of our weekend in NYC. Not the best food-sperience we’ve ever had in the city, but I also really think the extreme heat caused us to not fully enjoy the food we ate. We actually didn’t eat a whole lot and weren’t hungry for the majority of the trip. Cupcakes and bubble tea are always winners though, during any trip!


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