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Reflecting on Thirty and NYC

I’ve always done a lot of reflecting during the weeks leading up to my birthday. Ever since my 16th birthday I remember feeling anxious during those weeks… feelings of not having accomplished enough by a certain age, not sure exactly what my “path” was supposed to be, etc. Then after my birthday came and went, those feelings would just go away. Those weeks were draining!. This year though, instead of focusing on what I “haven’t” done, I tried to focus on everything good and wonderful in life that spark positivity. I focused my thoughts on what great things may come to fruition in this new decade of my life, and what i’m grateful for in present time: health, family, being able to stay home with my son, a home to live in, etc… Things that are so easy to take for granted.


I have always viewed “30” as the year that youth slips away, the year of doors closing on on opportunities only your 20’s can offer, and the year that you should have everything figured out. As I grew closer to my self imposed doomsday, I realized how incredibly wrong this all was. Your 20s are not the only decade in which you can do the fun stuff, start a career, or feel young. I definitely didn’t have everything figured out, and probably still don’t. I’ve learned that I will probably always be in a state of “figuring things out” as I enter every new season of life, and i’m totally okay with that!  I’m feeling more and more that this past decade was just a huge learning curve, and i’m feeling more capable and prepared to tackle problems and pursue passions/hobbies/dreams.

On the physical side of turning 30, I actually feel more fit and able bodied now than I did just a few years ago. Getting older is a wake up call that good nutrition and healthy habits are more important now than ever before. Especially since becoming a Mom, I’ve focused more on great nutrition, exercise, and also self care.  Anyway, as I reflect on my 20’s and think of entering my 30s, these are all the “things” that have jumbled my thoughts. Overall, I’m feeling more secure/confident about who I am as an adult, now, than I ever did in my early 20s… and that is something i’m truly happy about. So here’s cheers to 30!

The Celebration

For my birthday, my husband, son, and I road tripped to NYC for the weekend.


20190627_1804547103876827074318262.jpgIt wasn’t the nostalgic, cake-eating, shopping spectacular we had envisioned… but we made the best of it. We stayed in a 4 star hotel, and the room was truly awful… definitely not what anyone would typically expect of a 4 star establishment. The room was crumbling apart, and the valet left trash in our car! To boot, our toddler unleashed the terrible twos in full force.

Air quality was especially bad during our trip, and it was H.O.T., so our eyes were burning and we coughed the entire time. That aside, we enjoyed a few good treats, which I think i’ll round up and put into a whole other blog post, and took in the sights. We took a few nice walks through the park and explored the city at night so we could take in all the lights. The night walks were my favorite experiences during the weekend because my toddler was in a better mood during these times and got such joy from all the glowing lights.

20190628_2235536328645958961384376.jpgWe finished our trip with a bagel breakfast in Central Park before checking out of the hotel early. We stopped for a bubble tea and my favorite Levain cookies on our way out of the city. I was able to relax for the majority of the car ride home while catching up on podcasts. I had no shame in popping on my noise cancelling headphones and running out everything around me while I had the chance.


Side note – I actually just started listening to podcasts after stumbling across the HelloBaby and Directionally Challenged podcasts. I’d love to get a few suggestions for others to start following!



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