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Taco Dinner

Truth: I could do with a little less home repair for a long while. We recently replaced our HVAC system, then our cooktop spontaneously burst into flames a few weeks ago, when it wasn’t even turned on:( Now we find out we have mice in our attic, waaaaaaaaahhhh! Seriously, it’s one thing after another lately and i’m tap’n out.

So, with everything going on I was skimping on making home cooked meals for awhile (because, no stove). But when you start asking yourself “how much pizza is too much pizza” or “should we start asking for a standing reservation at the mexican restaurant”?… It may be time to figure something out. I mean, I do have an InstantPot. Really though, I think I was just overwhelmed with all the “stuff” that meal planning just wasn’t even on my radar.


This week i’m turning a new leaf, with salads, roasted veggies, and tacos. I picked up a Taco Bell boxed kit at Wal-Mart a few days ago and broke it open this evening for a quick, simple dinner. I used Gardein beefless crumbles (cooked in the InstantPot on the sauté setting), chopped a few tomatoes, and threw on some lettuce.


Honest opinion: I was a little disappointed with the quality control of this kit. The bag with the soft tacos wasn’t even sealed, and 3 out of 6 hard tacos were crushed:( Flavor wise, can’t complain. The seasoning was great, and the sauce was the same as you’d get straight from the source. Maybe we’ll give this a try again down the road and hope we get a box with better packaging, but for a quick flavorful meal, this was a great choice.



Toddler Snacks

While i’m talking food, I figure now would be a good time to throw together a list of my go-to toddler snacks that I always keep handy. Peanut butter is an all time favorite, but that’s not as easy to package up nicely when we’re on the go. These are all the snacks I like to toss in the diaper bag, or utilize at home when were short on time and need a quick pick-me-up. My toddler loves each and every item listed here.

  1. Sargento Balance Breaks: For my picky eater who I struggle to get to eat enough, these offer a good calorie bump. I love these too because they are perfectly portioned and help keep my snacking in check.20190612_1717467644589419311961168.jpg
  2. Natures Bakery Fig Bars: They come in a few flavors, and my toddler doesn’t discriminate. They don’t taste overly sweet, which I like. 20190612_1719587091761479498034784.jpg
  3. Sunny Days Snack Bars: Kinda like a nutrigrain bar, but perfect for tiny hands. 20190612_1719525353344123944840433.jpg
  4. Pure Organics Layered Fruit Bar: I get them from Costco where they’re much cheaper than anywhere else. Super sweet, but no added sugar. 20190612_1720032526325504396600488.jpg
  5. Abby’s Cookies: I bought these for myself, and my toddler soon took them over. I like to let him have these as a special treat instead of a traditional “dessert”. There are six cookies per bag, and shipping is free at Safe+Fair. 20190612_1719463477324183197950071.jpg

That’s about it. I try to choose things that are more natural, without a ton of additives, but that are still yummy! These are the staples in our house and I snack on all of these too!

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