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Spring Weather & Potato Hash Casserole

Hello, Hello!

We’ve had a few warmer days here in Virginia and have been taking advantage, enjoying much needed outdoor time. The family headed to Government Island this weekend to walk the 1.5 mile trail that graces visitors with water views at every turn.

Robelee came along on this pet friendly excursion and loved every second! He hasn’t gotten out for many walks lately since it’s either super cold or wet, so this was a much needed outing for him too, even if was overcast the whole day:(

The trail was super easy, and stroller friendly. Much of the loop was shaded as it winds through the woods, and not far into the walk there is a wide foot bridge that takes you over the water portion of the trail.

We worked up an appetite after going most the day without a full meal. The Beyond Burger “Big Mac” dinner I whipped up when we got home was thoroughly enjoyed. It was paired with dill and feta roasted potatoes and tomatoes.
Potato Hash Casserole

Yesterday I was watching a Travel Channel show that featured a restaurant serving hash brown casserole. It had my mouth watering, so I decided to pop into the grocery store and came up with my own “spur of the moment” recipe. The tv show didn’t divulge the recipe, they only gave a short rundown (cheese, spices, potatoes, etc) so I winged it and hoped the end result would be delicious… and it was.


26 oz uncooked hash browns

1 can Cream of Onion soup (Campbell’s 10.5 oz)

6 oz cream cheese (I used the whipped version)

4oz sour cream

2 oz milk

1.5 c fiesta cheese blend

1 c sharp white cheddar

1 tbs white pepper (adjust to taste)

1/2 – 1 tbs garlic salt (adjust to taste)


Combine all wet ingredients, cheese and spices in a large bowl. Next, slowly fold in the hash browns until well combined with your wet ingredients. Transfer to an oven safe dish and bake at 375 for about an hour. I left mine in for a bit longer, but it came out extra hot, well above 160 degrees.


So there it is, perfect for breakfast or a dinner side dish. This cheesy potato hash casserole even pleased my picky toddler.

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