Favorite Picks – February Edition

I’m obviously not an Instagram Influencer. More often than not my hair probably looks like a ratty heap. And there’s plenty of days where my OOTD is actually pajamas…. But all that doesn’t mean I’m not crushing on a new lip balm or hair conditioner, and I want to share exactly what those are with all of you!

So here’s Edition #1 of my current favorites. At the end of the month i’ll do a round up post of all the “things” i’m loving lately. I’d love to hear if you love any of the same too:)

1. Mrs. Meyers multi-surface spray: A friend turned me onto this brand last month after raving about them. I’ve hear of Mrs. Meyers tons of times before, but never thought twice about giving the products a try until now…. with a dog and toddler in the house, I needed backup to help keep the place smelling nice. I’m loving the Lemon Verbana scent, and Peony! I have both in the Multi-Surface cleaning spray.

2. Owyn Protein – I’ve wanted to try this stuff for months, but didn’t want to pay a crazy price. Then I found it at Wegmans on sale for $8.99/4 pack. I’ve tried the Chocolate, Vanilla, and Strawberry/Banana… but chocolate is by far my favorite. Smooth, not chalky, and just sweet enough to be delicious! My toddler loves them too, so I usually end up having to share:(

3. “Squeezy Snacker” Pouch – I’ve had this over a year, but it’s just recently been getting tons of use. There is a removable flow restrictor which comes in handy for thin runny fluids. Like Mama like son, we both love smoothies and this pouch is perfect for giving the tot his portion. The soft silicone makes it comfortable for little hands to hold and squeeze. (Available on Amazon)

4. Schick Dermaplane Tool – Taking my skin care routine to the next level. These little razors are great for removing the fine hairs and dead skin cells that coat our faces. My skin looks smoother immediately after using. Quick tip: Use extra care around your eyebrows:( I lost half a brow my very first time using this sharp little razor. Oops!

5. Rodan & Fields Active Hydration Serum – I’m not selling R&F anymore, but still love the products. This stuff has really helped add extra moisture to my face this past month when I noticed a lot more dullness and overall lackluster complexion. I feel like my skin is more plump and supple when I first wake up in the morning, which may be from finally getting the moisture my skin was craving. I use it every night, and occasionally in the morning.

6. Rodan & Fields Lip Serum – My go-to for achieving a more full, supple appearance. I glide this on every night and do feel after about a month, my lips appear healthier!

7. Sugar & Spruce room spray – This little shop in Fredericksburg, Virginia handcrafts the cutest bath products, and the scents are awesome. I was looking for a more natural fragrance spray to help spruce up our home and this stuff is hands down amazing. I chose Sweet Sweet Paris for the scent at maximum strength. Each bottle is scented-to-order, and they have tons of scents to choose from. You also chose the intensity of the scent upon ordering. I have sprayed this just about everywhere and even days later it still faintly lingers, welcomingly:)

8. Manifest (Season 1) – A bit of an odd ball for this list, but Manifest is one of a few shows I’ve started watching this month and it has me super intrigued. After watching the full first season I feel like the story moved a bit slow without offering much resolution towards the main “mystery” but i’m still hooked and ready for season two. The other shows that i’ve quickly become drawn to are “FAM” and “Single Parents”, both half hour comedies.

9. Hair/Scalp Scrubber – I use this in the shower every time I wash my hair. Since moving to our current home I’ve noticed more dandruff and build up compared to when we were using softened water at our previous home. This tool has helped to release some of the yuck and i’ve noticed a decrease in flakes. It also provides a nice massage while lathering up the shampoo on my scalp. (Get it here)

SKIP IT, You Won’t Miss It:

1. Raw Sugar Lip Balm – Love the scent, but my lips never benefit from using this stuff. If anything, they feel more dry afterwards:(

What are your current favorites?

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