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We’ve got a two year old

How has two years flown by when some of the days felt so long? My baby is now two, a toddler, full of words and thoughts, and his own shinning personality.


He doesn’t watch a whole lot of TV, but this kid LOVES Puppy Dog Pals, so that was this year’s birthday theme. I did the cake myself, and although the inside was basically crap, the outside turned out better than I expected:)



Those figurines were from the toy section at Wal-Mart and were perfect for topping the cake.

We celebrated with pizza, cake, and an excursion to the Children’s Museum of Richmond. If you live anywhere near Richmond, VA and have the opportunity to visit the museum, it does not disappoint! There are dinosaurs, a cave, water works, an ambulance, and tons of theme rooms to explore. LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. this place.

Old photo, same museum:)

The water works area is a hit for this two year old, as it was the first time we visited this past summer.

20190118_082822_0012051108417216498749.jpgHe didn’t know why he was boing dotted on more than usual, or getting gifts and cake, but I sure did! I couldn’t help feeling nostalgic about the past few years and wishing time would feel like it weren’t going by so quickly. My sweet little bundle has grown into a headstrong, full volume (oh boy, does he have a high pitched scream) little boy.

So there it is, this kid has officially entered the “Terrible-Two’s” and i’m so happy I get to be his mama day after day.


XO – Megan

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