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Bathroom Renovation – The Floors

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! This post is coming to you from the comfort of my bed:( I caught some sort of stomach virus and am still recuperating. Bummer, right? We weren’t traveling for the holiday anyway, so we are pushing our Thanksgiving dinner to the weekend so I’m well enough to cook… and eat.  I hope everyone else is having a successful day and you can enjoy time with loved ones!

Bathroom Renovation:

When we bought our house we knew straight away that we wanted to upgrade the flooring on the entire upper level. We actually had new carpet installed prior to moving in, which was a fantastic upgrade and much needed. The old carpet was super old and had So. Many. Stains. 

Fresh, new, and ready for crawling.

Last month I finally tackled the project of redoing the bathroom floors and was a bit nervous before I got started. We chose a peel & stick plank that only required a box knife for installation, but the project was still a little intimidating since i’ve never before done anything like this! Luckily, this was overall super easy, with some areas that could definitely use some work… I’ll explain more on that below.

Spare bathroom before/after.

The first step I took was cleaning the floor really well so the sticky planks had the best chance of adhering well to the existing tile. I used plain ole rubbing alcohol for this step.


Next, I found the center of each room by measuring from wall to wall. The center is where I placed my first plank. After this piece was down I started adding pieces to the front and back so I had one full column of new flooring.


I then carefully, one by one, added a new plank flesh against the planks that created my first column. The only thing I did different after the first column was installed was starting at the top of the room vs the middle (I hope that makes sense). Every once in a while I would use a slightly shorter plank so I would avoid any weird patterns in the finished room.

Things went along quickly, but the “Not so easy part” of this project were cutting the planks properly for the edges and figuring out how to cut the curves to fit around toilets, etc. Those areas are still a work in progress and i’m waiting for my husband to redo the cuts on the curved sections. I did manage to roughly do them by taking measurements of each area and cutting each plank accordingly. The curved sections were attempted by cutting the shape onto a piece of paper, then using that as a pattern for cutting the plank.


I think the overall look turned out great and we’re loving the warmer feel of the previously bland spaces. Next on the docket for these bathrooms is to paint the walls, and cabinets,  and upgrade the countertops. Stay tuned for those posts as well:)


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