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One Step Meal Ideas

Who else can agree that sometimes cooking feels like a time consuming drag on an already busy day? I love to cooke and usually find it to be enjoyable, except when it feels like a task. The “task” feeling usually hits when i’ve been on the move all day and still have lots of “to-do” items on my plate that will probably spill int the next day. This is when a one step, quick and easy meal comes in handy.

Yup, these are the nights when the table remains empty and we eat on the couch. No shame!

If I described my cooking style in a few words it would be “As Few Ingredients As Possible”. I love flavorful dishes, but don’t have the time to or talent to throw 15 ingredients into a pan and then saute, broil, and bake it into some sort of culinary marvel. My dishes taste good, but aren’t complicated!

See, not a lot of ingredients. Keepin’ it simple. 

My must have kitchen items for these quick meals are an Instant Pot and Blender. I use the smallest Instant Pot on the market, and find it’s plenty big enough for a family of 3-4. As for the blender, I love my Vitamix and would absolutely recommend the splurge if it’s in your budget.

Instant Pot

Sweet Potato Chili – Click the link for my favorite recipe that both my toddler and I love.


Baked Potatoes – I set my pot for 20-25 minutes on high pressure, and use the steam insert. Perfect potatoes every time. Top them with the works for the most delicious loaded baked potato dinner:)

Veggie Coconut Curry – Coconut Cream, Carrots, Onion, Green Beans, potato, water, and Curry Paste. I can’t remember how long I set this one for, but it probably wasn’t more than 20 minutes. Serve over rice (I use microwave rice).


Hard Boiled Eggs – 7-10 minutes is all you need. I put mine on 10 minutes but could probably do with a few less.

Oatmeal or Steel Cut Oats – Set the pot according to how much you’re making and enjoy.


Butternut Squash Soup – I toss in pre-cut squash, water, either a pear or apple, a handful of cashews, and salt. Blend until smooth and hot!

Potato and Cheese Soup – Potatoes, onion, cheese, cream/milk, salt. Blend until hot!


Fruit Smoothies – Speaks for itself. Fruit, water or nutmilk, spinach. Get creative here.

Nut Milk – Nuts and water blended until smooth. Strain through cheese cloth to remove any gritty texture. My favorite is Cashew or Almond. I’ve also done peanut milk and Pecan milk. This isn’t a meal, but these milks are so good I couldn’t leave it off the list.

There are so many options when using a pressure cooker or blender to whip up a quick meal. These are some of my go to dishes because they are especially easy to make. When your short on time and patients, these are always winners in our house.


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