Parmesan and Mushroom White Wine Sauce

The past few days have been rainy, which is actually a welcome change from the intense heat and humidity that has plagued us all summer. It’s seriously been too hot for me to even want to leave the house. There were a few days we got to enjoy some deck time though! My tot is most definitely a water baby and can’t get enough time in his pool, or splashing on the water table:)


I’m hoping for a few more nice days to enjoy time in the sun without feeling like i’m breathing hot butter.

Parmesan and Mushroom White Wine Sauce

Before my son was born I cooked all the time; sweets, treats, and savory eats all the way. I’m loving that i’ve finally gotten back into the swing of making homemade dishes.

Baking is my first passion that translated into roasting, sautéing, and whisking up other delicious meal ideas over the years, and this creamy Parmesan and Mushroom White Wine Sauce definitely fits the bill for delicious.


Photo above: I paired this sauce with Fusilli pasta and tossed in a few parmesan crisps to garnish the dish. I never measure anything when i’m cooking (something I’m working on changing since i’m now posting my creations for you all), but i’ll go over the steps I took to prepare this meal below.

Here’s what I tossed in the pan:



Better Than Bouillon, veggie flavor

Parmesan Cheese (the real stuff, not the type you shake out of a container)

Half and Half

White Wine


White Pepper

I started by sautéing the mushroom, onions, and thyme until tender, then stirred in about 1/2 tbs veggie bouillon and white pepper to taste.

Next I added enough half and half to cover the veggies and let things come to a simmer. After everything was nice and hot, I poured a healthy dose of white wine into the mix. *This is around the time I started getting my pasta ready.


Let it simmer, simmer, simmer until it’s thickened up, making sure to stir occasionally to keep anything from sticking to the bottom. Add the parmesan cheese when things are thickening up. I add a lot because we like things extra cheesy in this house.

As for these gems, they are super easy to make. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper and bake small piles of grated parmesan at 400 degrees until they look crispy. Let them cool before peeling them off the paper when they come out of the oven. 

Almost done and ready to eat! Start You’ll want to spoon the finished sauce onto the pasta and garnish however you’d like:)




XO –


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