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Family Day in Richmond VA

On Tuesday morning I lost all control of my house before 10am. Tuesday was also the day we were supposed to be ready to leave the house by 10am. Thank goodness, because this Mama was ready to desert the premises asap. Any other mamas out there know the feeling of days like this?


Family Day in Richmond

Jason came home early so we could get on the road and spend the day doing “Family Stuff” before our 6:00 p.m. baseball game.

The game was hot, and sweaty so we only stayed for a few innings:(

First stop was bubble tea! Kung Fu Tea is my all time favorite, and as I’ve said before, you’re missing out if you haven’t tried this stuff. Taro Milk Tea with bubbles for the win!


We weren’t far from the children’s museum and were so excited when we walked through the doors. We paid and were directed around the corner to where all the attractions were, and boy was it fun. We immediately found a dinosaur pit full of rubberized “sand” that could be brushed away to expose giant “dino bones”.

There was a cave representing “Luray Caverns”, which had tunnels to crawl through and stalactites hanging from the ceilings. Our little goose wasn’t a fan of this part of the museum because the other kids were a bit rambunctious for his reserved personality, and the dark glow of the tunnels wasn’t comforting to him either. Oh well, ya win some and lose some.

The Wegman’s market was a hit because they had mini shopping carts to push around, and right next door was an ambulance with working lights!


There were so many other exhibits we had a blast exploring and we’ll certainly bring our Tot back for more fun, soon! Though, after a few hours of adventures inside the CMOR, we were hungry and left in search of lunch:) 20180807_151151-1.jpg

We decided on B.Good Food because there was a good variety of vegetarian options. I opted for the Sweet Potato fries, which to be honest weren’t that great, and an order of the Eggplant meatless-balls. The meatless-balls were insanely good, and would make this place worth the trip alone! Jason raved about his burger that was topped with a fried egg, so it was a win-win.

Obviously a family day isn’t complete without dessert. Before closing out our evening with the baseball game, we stopped by Pearls Cupcakes and grabbed the Cap’n Crunch cupcake, and their special vegan Smore’s cupcake. They were sweet, satisfied our dessert craving, and I was excited to finally find a place that offered a vegan cupcake that actually had icing on top! (All the vegan cupcakes i’ve seen are plain with a dusting of cocoa or sugar on top).

20180807_171241-1.jpgWe had such a great day, but still had one more event to tackle. We arrived at the baseball game knowing it would be super hot and sunny, so we only stayed for a few innings before heading home. Our Tot seems to love watching the game though, so we may have a future slugger on our hands:-0


XO –


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