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Rodan and Fields – My Before and After

Anyone else have a serious bubble tea addiction?

We had a family day this week which included taking our spud to the Children’s Museum of Richmond, and a baseball game. The trip wouldn’t have been complete without a stop at Kung Fu Tea for my favorite; Taro Milk Tea with bubbles!


I’ll post a recap of the day soon, because the children’s museum was a huge hit. The adults (ahem, me) had about as much fun as the spud. And if you’ve never tried bubble tea your missing out! Double missing out if you’ve never had Kung Fu Tea.


Rodan+Fields: Before and After

Back to the topic at hand. I never thought I’d post my before and after photos. Really, I never thought I’d take an after photo, because I was so sure I wouldn’t have a need… I wasn’t expecting to see a difference. Still, I took a photo when I started using the Soothe regime back in February 2018.

It wasn’t pretty, I knew it wasn’t glamorous. Then last week I took another photo and was blown away by the difference.


You Guys!!! This stuff is simply amazing! I knew it worked after just a short time using my regime and noticing lessened sensitivity and redness. I loved how soft my skin felt and have never experienced such smoothness. It was enough to keep me looking forward to washing my face, morning and night.


I transitioned to using Unblemish in the morning and Reverse Brightening at night about a month ago. My acne has improved almost 100%. Typically, i’ll experience two breakouts a month. This month I got one, just one (1) single pimple! Now my PJ’s can finally speak the truth:)


RF came into my life at the perfect time. I said YES to something for which I didn’t have high hopes of working. I was at an all time low with self-esteem since my skin was looking awful and I was struggling to lose baby weight. When this stuff worked for me, I knew I wanted to share it with anyone else who has ever wanted to improve instead of “maintain” their skin. Because that’s all I was doing pre RF, I was maintaining just to keep my acne, redness, and sensitivity from getting worse. Who else can relate? I know I can’t be the only one that felt like my body (holy aches and pains) and skin hyper-aged by at least decade during the postpartum period.



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