Taking A Chance on Myself

The day was June 13th and I made a decision that I swore I would never make… I joined an MLM.


Backing up to February, I saw a post on FB from one of the women in a Mom’s group; she had asked if anyone wanted to accompany her to a Rodan and Fields event. I had heard of the company, and saw great feedback from the products, but never actually invested in any. I volunteered myself, and told her that I wasn’t looking to join the business, but was interested in learning about the products. I swore to myself and out loud to my husband that I “Had no interest in being part of an MLM”. I had failed miserably at another MLM years before and didn’t want to put myself through the same embarrassment again.

My pregnancy glow had long faded and I was dealing with some major self esteem issues when it came to my blotchy, dry, irritated skin that had seemed to suddenly age 10 years once my son was born. And was still struggling to loose the baby weight to-boot. I NEEDED these products to work. I just wanted some sliver of my self confidence back, so I signed on as a PC (Preferred Customer), and placed an order for “Soothe”.

Within weeks committing to a daily/nightly routine with my brand spankin’ new face kit, and saw improvements that nothing before had been able to accomplish.


Fast forward four months and I wanted more! I contemplated daily on whether I wanted to continue buying as a PC or spread the word about something I knew I could stand behind. I was nervous, scared, excited, and then finally decided I was ready to jump in. I felt that if others could do it, why not me? I can advertise my results and tell people the honest truth, that these products work and they.


So here we are, I’m not a Rodan and Fields consultant, and let me tell you; I’ve got the best skin i’ve ever had because of these miracle products. If your even slightly curious or interested, get in touch with me, seriously! Don’t be like me and spend the better part of a year being “just curious”. This stuff rocks!


XO – Megan



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