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Bathroom Renovation – The Floors

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! This post is coming to you from the comfort of my bed:( I caught some sort of stomach virus and am still recuperating. Bummer, right? We weren’t traveling for the holiday anyway, so we are pushing our Thanksgiving dinner to the weekend so I’m well enough to cook… and eat.  I hope everyone else is having a successful day and you can enjoy time with loved ones!

Bathroom Renovation:

When we bought our house we knew straight away that we wanted to upgrade the flooring on the entire upper level. We actually had new carpet installed prior to moving in, which was a fantastic upgrade and much needed. The old carpet was super old and had So. Many. Stains. 

Fresh, new, and ready for crawling.

Last month I finally tackled the project of redoing the bathroom floors and was a bit nervous before I got started. We chose a peel & stick plank that only required a box knife for installation, but the project was still a little intimidating since i’ve never before done anything like this! Luckily, this was overall super easy, with some areas that could definitely use some work… I’ll explain more on that below.

Spare bathroom before/after.

The first step I took was cleaning the floor really well so the sticky planks had the best chance of adhering well to the existing tile. I used plain ole rubbing alcohol for this step.


Next, I found the center of each room by measuring from wall to wall. The center is where I placed my first plank. After this piece was down I started adding pieces to the front and back so I had one full column of new flooring.


I then carefully, one by one, added a new plank flesh against the planks that created my first column. The only thing I did different after the first column was installed was starting at the top of the room vs the middle (I hope that makes sense). Every once in a while I would use a slightly shorter plank so I would avoid any weird patterns in the finished room.

Things went along quickly, but the “Not so easy part” of this project were cutting the planks properly for the edges and figuring out how to cut the curves to fit around toilets, etc. Those areas are still a work in progress and i’m waiting for my husband to redo the cuts on the curved sections. I did manage to roughly do them by taking measurements of each area and cutting each plank accordingly. The curved sections were attempted by cutting the shape onto a piece of paper, then using that as a pattern for cutting the plank.


I think the overall look turned out great and we’re loving the warmer feel of the previously bland spaces. Next on the docket for these bathrooms is to paint the walls, and cabinets,  and upgrade the countertops. Stay tuned for those posts as well:)


XO –




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Zucchini Boat Dinner

My toddler hates healthy food!

He loves sweets, obviously. He clearly takes after his Mama:)

Movie night snacks. He also loves crackers. 

Getting him to eat greens or anything healthy has proven challenging these past few months, so I have been trying to get extra creative to get him to eat. I tried all the usual; “MMMm this candy is soooo good”, to “This is the same thing blah blah blah eats (subbing in his favorite TV puppy dog’s name)”. I’ve tried hiding the healthy stuff beneath the other stuff he will eat, and i’ve tried coating his greens in pasta sauce.

I’ve now resorted now creating a veggie jumble and stuffing it into a “boat”. So here you have em’…


Zucchini Boats!

These are super easy to make and the ingredients can be altered to gear it towards you and your family’s taste preferences.

What You’ll Need:

** I used about 1/2 cup of each of the below veggies**

Zucchini (1 Zucchini makes 2 boats)


Lentils (I bought them in a can)

Corn (frozen will work just fine)

Green or Red Pepper

Queso Crumble Cheese

Shredded Mexican Cheese

Bouillon Paste

Your preferred seasoning – to taste (I think I used Fajita seasoning in these)


I started by washing and drying all produce, chopped the onion and pepper into bite sized pieces, crumbled my queso, then cut the Zucchini length wise.


I then used a knife and spoon to gently hollow out the centers of each zucchini half.  Save the innards to use for the filling! Your going to want to chop them into pieces just as you did the other veggies.

Next, I baked the shells at 350 for about 20 minutes or until they are slightly tender. I started making the filling while these baked, and just set the tender zucchini aside once they came out of the oven.

I sautéed the chopped zucchini pieces, corn, pepper, and onion in just a bit of oil, until everything was tender and didn’t have anymore water in the pan. *Zucchini releases a bunch of water when it’s cooked, so I helped the process along by draining the liquid as it accumulated.


This is my favorite bouillon.

Add 1 tbs veggie bouillon to the pan and mix it evenly with all the veggies. After this is done, sprinkle the fajita seasoning on top and mix that in as well!  The lentils are added  after everything had become soft and fragrant. Let them cook with the mixture for a minute or two to get hot. Then take the pan off the heat, and stir in the crumbled queso.


Stuff each zucchini with the sautéed veggie/cheese mixture and put them back into the oven at 350. I let mine cooke for no more than 15-20 minutes and then topped each boat with shredded cheese!

Voila! These tasty boats should please everyone!




XO – Megan






A Week In Review

Happy Fri-Yay!

Cooler weather is slowly trying to creep into Virginia, but the Summer heat still hasn’t let up on most days. Still, i’m feeling super into Fall and have been crafting and cooking Fall themed everything. Does anyone else feel in limbo when getting dressed? Should I dress in shorts, pants, sweater, scarf? Seriously, Virginia needs to get on board with seasonal weather norms.

Here’s my week in review:) What you don’t see are the messy floors and dishes in the sink. Chores around here are never ending!

I got a subscription to Shipt grocery delivery. I’m loving having groceries delivered directly to my door for no additional fees, and they don’t mark up the prices like Instacart.
My son’s eczema flared up this month, for the first time in about a year. Rodan and Fields Soothe has taken away the itch immediately and has him on the mend! This stuff is amazing. Ask me if your interested, I can hook ya up!
One of my hobbies is buying and selling vintage items. I bid on a few lots thinking i’d definitely be outbid, but I wasn’t. So for roughly $4 i’m not the proud owner of about 200 beanie babies and Mcdonalds beanie babies.
Writing down goals! Did you know you’re more likely to accomplish your goals if you write them down and carry them with you in a purse/wallet/etc? I haven’t done this for the past few years, but am getting back in the habit starting now.
The Whole30 diet is kicking my butt. I don’t think i’ve succeeded for a full day yet. But i’m still eating so much better and getting creative in the kitchen. This veggie and cauliflower “rice” stir-fry was delicious, and that Tesserae’s marinade was awesome.
Getting crafty for Fall:) I’ll post the finished product soon, or follow me on Instagram to see it now: @What_Meg_Likes
Hopefully the third times the charm with this Macy’s couch delivery. They cancelled the first delivery date because the truck broke down, and then brought different colored pieces the second time around. This is all after being delayed for a month right off the bat. We’re still waiting for our next delivery date.

That’s my week in a nutshell. Hope you all have a great weekend, i’m hoping to soak up some fall weather and break out my sweaters this weekend! And don’t forget the boots, a season must have.


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One Step Meal Ideas

Who else can agree that sometimes cooking feels like a time consuming drag on an already busy day? I love to cooke and usually find it to be enjoyable, except when it feels like a task. The “task” feeling usually hits when i’ve been on the move all day and still have lots of “to-do” items on my plate that will probably spill int the next day. This is when a one step, quick and easy meal comes in handy.

Yup, these are the nights when the table remains empty and we eat on the couch. No shame!

If I described my cooking style in a few words it would be “As Few Ingredients As Possible”. I love flavorful dishes, but don’t have the time to or talent to throw 15 ingredients into a pan and then saute, broil, and bake it into some sort of culinary marvel. My dishes taste good, but aren’t complicated!

See, not a lot of ingredients. Keepin’ it simple. 

My must have kitchen items for these quick meals are an Instant Pot and Blender. I use the smallest Instant Pot on the market, and find it’s plenty big enough for a family of 3-4. As for the blender, I love my Vitamix and would absolutely recommend the splurge if it’s in your budget.

Instant Pot

Sweet Potato Chili – Click the link for my favorite recipe that both my toddler and I love.


Baked Potatoes – I set my pot for 20-25 minutes on high pressure, and use the steam insert. Perfect potatoes every time. Top them with the works for the most delicious loaded baked potato dinner:)

Veggie Coconut Curry – Coconut Cream, Carrots, Onion, Green Beans, potato, water, and Curry Paste. I can’t remember how long I set this one for, but it probably wasn’t more than 20 minutes. Serve over rice (I use microwave rice).


Hard Boiled Eggs – 7-10 minutes is all you need. I put mine on 10 minutes but could probably do with a few less.

Oatmeal or Steel Cut Oats – Set the pot according to how much you’re making and enjoy.


Butternut Squash Soup – I toss in pre-cut squash, water, either a pear or apple, a handful of cashews, and salt. Blend until smooth and hot!

Potato and Cheese Soup – Potatoes, onion, cheese, cream/milk, salt. Blend until hot!


Fruit Smoothies – Speaks for itself. Fruit, water or nutmilk, spinach. Get creative here.

Nut Milk – Nuts and water blended until smooth. Strain through cheese cloth to remove any gritty texture. My favorite is Cashew or Almond. I’ve also done peanut milk and Pecan milk. This isn’t a meal, but these milks are so good I couldn’t leave it off the list.

There are so many options when using a pressure cooker or blender to whip up a quick meal. These are some of my go to dishes because they are especially easy to make. When your short on time and patients, these are always winners in our house.


XO –





Parmesan and Mushroom White Wine Sauce

The past few days have been rainy, which is actually a welcome change from the intense heat and humidity that has plagued us all summer. It’s seriously been too hot for me to even want to leave the house. There were a few days we got to enjoy some deck time though! My tot is most definitely a water baby and can’t get enough time in his pool, or splashing on the water table:)


I’m hoping for a few more nice days to enjoy time in the sun without feeling like i’m breathing hot butter.

Parmesan and Mushroom White Wine Sauce

Before my son was born I cooked all the time; sweets, treats, and savory eats all the way. I’m loving that i’ve finally gotten back into the swing of making homemade dishes.

Baking is my first passion that translated into roasting, sautéing, and whisking up other delicious meal ideas over the years, and this creamy Parmesan and Mushroom White Wine Sauce definitely fits the bill for delicious.


Photo above: I paired this sauce with Fusilli pasta and tossed in a few parmesan crisps to garnish the dish. I never measure anything when i’m cooking (something I’m working on changing since i’m now posting my creations for you all), but i’ll go over the steps I took to prepare this meal below.

Here’s what I tossed in the pan:



Better Than Bouillon, veggie flavor

Parmesan Cheese (the real stuff, not the type you shake out of a container)

Half and Half

White Wine


White Pepper

I started by sautéing the mushroom, onions, and thyme until tender, then stirred in about 1/2 tbs veggie bouillon and white pepper to taste.

Next I added enough half and half to cover the veggies and let things come to a simmer. After everything was nice and hot, I poured a healthy dose of white wine into the mix. *This is around the time I started getting my pasta ready.


Let it simmer, simmer, simmer until it’s thickened up, making sure to stir occasionally to keep anything from sticking to the bottom. Add the parmesan cheese when things are thickening up. I add a lot because we like things extra cheesy in this house.

As for these gems, they are super easy to make. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper and bake small piles of grated parmesan at 400 degrees until they look crispy. Let them cool before peeling them off the paper when they come out of the oven. 

Almost done and ready to eat! Start You’ll want to spoon the finished sauce onto the pasta and garnish however you’d like:)




XO –