Navigating MomLife: Making Friends

Being a SAHM can be tough, but wholly cow – making friends as  SAHM is even harder. Whose with me?

I found myself getting down today after coming home from a day outside socializing, but was still left with the feeling that my efforts to make lasting, substantial friendships isn’t paying off. I know i’m not the only one who has this same dilemma. Out there somewhere are a ton of other moms left with the same feelings of wanting “girlfriends” and close bonds with other women, but still struggling to form those connections.


I’ve lived in this town for almost a year, and have made an honest tiring effort to get out and meet other moms. I’ve joined clubs, gone to events, smiled, started conversations, the whole shebang. I’ve made a few acquaintances but haven’t been successful in moving past this point into true bonded, pick-up-the-phone to simply “chat”, friendship.

I get down sometimes when I think about now having true close friends to hang out with, talk to, and share thoughts with. That feeling sucks. Then I remind myself that I have to keep pushing through and one day the efforts will pay off. A day out trying to mingle and get to know others, but leaving feeling like a failure doesn’t actually make me a failure. It doesn’t mean I failed. It all just means that I haven’t found my “tribe” yet. Yes, I said TRIBE. The one word that I hat hearing/seeing/saying. But there’s a lack of better words here ladies! Oh wait, i’m sorry… Squad?

Anyway, before this turns into a total depress-fest, let me finish by saying I still have faith that I will find my tribe/squad one day. Despite replaying conversations wondering if I’ve said something to offend or scare people off (“did I overshare, under-share”). That’s not the case. I’m a nice person, I care about others, and am 99% sure i’m fairly normal!


If your going through the same thing, keep your head up Mama. Your not alone and eventually we’ll both navigate our way through making friends as a SAHM.





No-Bake Cookie Dough Bites

Quick, easy, and delicious; These three ingredient No-Bake Cookie Dough Bites should be your next go to dessert when that sweet tooth strikes.


I love homemade sweets, but don’t always want (or have the time) to turn on the oven to get my fix. I was over the moon when I bit into one of these and immediately loved the smooth texture, and unique sweet taste. Even better, the recipe can be made over and over again with near limitless variations (by near limitless, I mean whatever cookies are in the cookie aisle)!


Check out the recipe below, because they are the perfect treat to whip up in a hurry.


1 box Chips Ahoy cookies

8oz Cream Cheese (Softened)

1 bag either semi-sweet or white chocolate chips


What You’ll Need:

Medium mixing bowl

Large sturdy spoon – for mixing/stirring

Blender or large freezer bag

Small microwave safe bowl

Baking sheet

Foil or wax paper

First – Crush those cookies! The first time I made these bites I poured all the cookies into a freezer bag and crushed them using a wooden spoon. This yielded a bit more texture in the final product, which was still yummy. To get a super smooth consistency you should opt to use a blender if you’ve got one.


After you’ve finely crushed the cookies, transfer them into the medium mixing bowl and stir in the cream cheese. I took the easy way out and microwaved the cream cheese so it would easily glide through the cookie crumbs.

Make sure to mix everything until it’s well incorporated and there are no streaks of cream cheese. Things may look a little iffy at this point, but stick with it, the end result looks way better than what’s going on it that bowl right now.


Now pop the whole mixture into the freezer to firm up. It needs to be able to be formed into balls. I usually give it at least a half hour.

When you’ve got a firm enough consistency, go ahead and line your baking sheet (I had to use foil because I was out of wax paper, but either will work fine), and start rolling the mixture into whatever size “bites” you want. After your done the whole tray needs to be put in the freezer until they are solid (about an hour). IMG_6429

When the bites are solid take them out and get ready to drench them in chocolate. Pour chocolate chips into a microwave safe bowl and heat them in the microwave until it’s smooth and melty. It’s best to heat in intervals, mixing the chocolate as you go to ensure you don’t over do it. A double broiler works really well for this step if you’ve got one.


To save time, I choose to spoon the chocolate onto each bite rather than dip them. I got extra fancy and used both white and regular chocolate;)

Let the chocolate solidify, and then you can transfer them to whatever container you choose. That’s it! Super easy. Make sure to store the finished product in the refrigerator, or in the freezer for a cold and chewy delight.



Want to make Chocolate Birthday Dough Bites instead? Try it with these:


I made a few different batches using the birthday cake Oreos and another using regular Oreos. Both turned out fabulous and delicious. Enjoy!

Momming: It’s A Thing, Right?

Mom-ming (Verb) – The act of being a Mother.

No, there’s not a secret manual that’s handed out to mothers on the way out of the hospital. We’re not born with a how-to guide uploaded to our brains, ready to be accessed upon bringing baby home. There’s not a secret society of women that gather for “how to be the perfect Mom” classes, that Dad’s are just left out of.

Eight months into this blissful journey and i’m still learning, wondering if i’m doing everything right. Still working on getting into a sleep schedule. And still covered in some sort of substance (poop, spit up, baby food) on a daily basis. At the same time, being a Mom feels like an instinct. An instinct mixed with worry, fear, anxiety, and pure happy elation.

Worry – That those weird red splotches on my baby are some sort of life threatening rash that may need to be address immediately by the Center For Disease Control. The short answer, no. It’s just eczema and nothing a little Aveeno couldn’t handle.

Fear – That you will never sleep again. Update: Still not sleeping through the night:( But holding that little bundle in my arms at 1am in those footie pajamas is pure bliss.

Anxiety – From sleep deprivation. Enough said.

Pure Happy Elation – That you made a PERSON. The world was right, this is the kind of love that continues to grow with each day.

Welcome to Perfection Not Guaranteed. I’m an average Mom and sometimes stay in my PJ’s all day.